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Why Auto Salvage in NH is the Way to Sell Your Car

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While finding somewhere to buy a used car that won’t break the bank and will actually be worth the price is something of a challenge right now, finding somewhere to sell your used car is almost too easy. But how do you choose where to sell off your used car and be sure that you are getting what your car is actually worth? That’s where Hebert’s Used Auto Parts comes in. At Hebert’s, you can trust that you will receive the actual value of your car and get the best deal possible. Here are a few reasons why you should turn to auto salvage in NH when you’re ready to sell off your used car.

Cut out the Middleman

When you go to a dealership to buy a new or used car, it’s usually assumed that you will trade in your current vehicle as part of the deal. While it may be convenient to buy and sell all in one deal—and it makes it seem like you’re paying less for the new car because the value of the old car is subtracted from the cost—you’re probably not going to get the best price on your old car. The dealership is going to resell the car you trade-in, whether it’s on their own lot or to a salvage yard, and they want to turn a profit on it. When you sell your car directly to an auto salvage yard like Hebert’s Used Auto Parts, you know that you are being paid the actual value of your car.

Won’t drive? No problem!

Although part of our business is repairing and rebuilding cars that can be sold and driven away, you don’t have to be able to drive the car you’re selling. Your car may not run, but it is still full of parts that we can salvage and sell or use to fix other cars. Whether your car is on its last legs and just won’t make it any more miles to our salvage yard, or it’s a jalopy that’s been sitting in your yard for years, we’ll come tow it away for you.

Peace of mind

Whether you’re looking to offset the cost of buying a new car—or a new-to-you car—or just to offload a junker that’s been cluttering up your lawn, Hebert’s Used Auto Parts is the place to take your old car for auto salvage in NH. There’s no need to involve used car salesmen! (Though, if you’re looking to buy a used car, we do that, too.)


NH Auto Salvage at Hebert’s Used Auto Parts

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