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Restore Classic Cars with Junkyards in NH

junkyards in nh

Don’t let the name fool you, junkyards are full of anything but. If you’ve ever restored a classic car, you know what absolute goldmines junkyards in NH can be. At Hebert’s Used Auto Parts, we’ve pulled thousands of useful parts from junked cars over the years. For professionals and hobbyists that restore classic cars, a junkyard or salvage yard is sometimes the only place they can find certain parts. In other cases, used auto parts are a way to save money over going to a traditional auto parts store.

Here are three reasons why junkyards in NH are the best place to get parts to restore classic cars.


Track Down Hard to Find Parts

If you need parts for an old or unusual car, it can be hard to find what you need. Often, the manufacturers don’t make the parts you need anymore. One of the alternatives is to have the part custom-made, but that can be prohibitively expensive for some people. By going to a junkyard, you can find parts that are difficult to find elsewhere.


Save Money Over OEM Parts

For older or uncommon cars, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts can be pretty expensive. If you can find the same used part at a salvage yard, you can save a lot of money. ROE (recycled original equipment) parts are factory original and are a better option than buying aftermarket parts, even if they are new. Often traditional auto parts stores don’t stock the parts you’re looking for and will charge you extra just to ship them into the store. You can buy straight from the manufacturer—if they even still make the part—but that is often expensive, too.


Check the Ever-Changing Inventory

But what if you come to a salvage yard and they don’t have what you need, either? Not to worry. Odds are, they will come across what you need in time. At Hebert’s, you have the option to request a part. Tell us what you need and we’ll keep an eye out for it and let you know when one turns up. Junkyards in NH like ours receive cars into their inventory all the time, so there are new parts to pick from every time you come.


Find Car Parts at Junkyards in NH

Whether you restore cars to resell them or have a classic that you’d like to get running again, junkyards in NH are the place to go for parts. Hebert’s Used Auto Parts has been supplying New England with car parts since the 1920s. We’ve been at this for over a century and are proud to be able to continue to serve our customers.


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