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Auto Salvage Yards in NH Are Helping The Environment!

We’re all looking for ways to protect the environment, and local auto salvage yards in NH are doing that. By salvaging your used vehicle, you can help reduce waste in landfills, biohazards, and more! We’re a local part of the process at Hebert’s, and if you’re looking to purchase a used car, we can help with that too! Here are a few reasons why salvaging your vehicle at Hebert’s can help the environment. 



Vehicles impact the environment in many ways. While some of these ways may seem negative, vehicles have and will continue to be a large part of our economy. However, when it’s time to say “goodbye” to your trusty vehicle, don’t just junk it and buy a new one. Salvage it! Not only does Hebert’s offer salvage options, but they have parts for just about any vehicle you may need, as well as used vehicles for purchase. Saving for college or need a quick way to get to work? A used vehicle may be the perfect option for you!

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Economical & Eco-Friendly!

Salvaging your vehicle can greatly reduce the impact on the environment, and it plays a large part in the multi-billion dollar automobile industry. So, it’s basically a win-win! Instead of purchasing a new vehicle, which creates a higher demand for the need to create more goods and materials (steel, engines, etc.), the amount of energy is lowered when you choose used auto parts. 


Did you know? The auto parts that are salvaged from your used vehicle will help to drastically reduce demand for coal-burning refineries and plants to create new auto parts. This helps to lower greenhouse gasses!


Reduce Waste

In general, vehicles produce a variety of hazardous chemicals and waste products. In worst-case scenarios, vehicles are left in landfills or junkyards to be “taken care of”. When this happens, the chemicals that aren’t properly disposed of leak into the ground, which means it ends up in groundwater. The best way to dispose of your used vehicle is to take it to your local auto salvage yard. We will use the best practices and strategies to prevent pollution and protect the environment while guaranteeing customer satisfaction. 


Bring Your Vehicle to Hebert’s – Auto Salvage Yards NH

Hebert’s is proud to go above and beyond as a NH Certified Green Yard! We will thoroughly inspect, clean, and dispose of your vehicle and salvage viable used auto parts. 


Looking to sell your vehicle and get into a new, used vehicle? Stop by Hebert’s today! We’re located off Route 114 at 516 Shirley Hill Road in Goffstown, New Hampshire. See you soon!