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auto recycling New Hampshire

At Hebert’s Used Auto Parts, our family recognizes the importance of doing our part environmentally. Because of this, we are proud to offer the best auto recycling in New Hampshire. From our famous U-Pull-It section to our global online market, we are one of the oldest, most knowledgeable, and efficient auto parts companies in the New England region. 

If you’ve never explored the benefits of a salvage yard, you’ll want to consider reading this article!

The goal is to minimize our carbon footprint.

In a world more conscientious of the environment than ever, reducing the carbon footprint we leave behind is crucial. With auto recycling, you can feel good about reducing both air and water pollution. 

Whether you consider the manufacturing of new products and the emissions produced or the disposal of old parts, every element plays a significant role in creating adverse effects on the environment. For example, many of the components making up vehicles – steel, tires, fluids – can negatively impact the environment if not recycled properly, and, unfortunately, they generally are not. The EPA reports that nearly one-quarter of all tires end up in landfills. 

Saving a few dollars is priceless.

Did you know that recycled vehicles provide enough steel each year to produce nearly 13 million new vehicles? It’s true and pretty impressive if you ask our team here at Hebert’s Used Auto Parts. While we’re not looking to make new cars around here, we are looking for ways to do our part. By utilizing the services of a local scrapyard, you can save a few dollars in parts that may otherwise be thousands of dollars, all while feeling good about the choices you make.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

In line with these points is the saying that ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.’  This statement couldn’t be more relevant when considering the need for auto parts. From hard-to-locate parts to bargain finds, what may have no purpose to you may be exactly what someone else has been searching for.

Beyond our reputation for offering the best auto recycling in New Hampshire, Hebert’s is a Certified Green Yard! We take great pride in doing our part in sustainability and keeping our carbon footprint small. Visit us to explore our full-service retail department or explore the U-Pull-It section!

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